MBC Writing Project

August 31, 2014

Been a long time since I paid any attention to this blog. One starts with good intentions, but after a while the passion for talking to the world grows less. I’m still plugging away at my latest novel Layla Bunch. It’s taken so long, people have stopped asking how’s it going? Well, it’s going. I hope to put Roberta and Layla and the whole cast on stage pretty soon (please God).

What’s taking my time these days is new, the Metastatic Breast Cancer Writing Project. Studies show that writing can be healing for anyone in a stressful situation. Writing is a great way to communicate with yourself and others and in a larger sense in this case, create awareness of the difficulties that must be faced by the metastatic patient.

This project is about encouraging people with metastatic breast cancer to write. Put their thoughts and feelings on paper for themselves (journaling); for the world (blogging). We also have a series of articles  we have asked writers to submit for publication on coping with the disease.

If you know anyone that’s metastatic, tell them about the MBC Writing Project. Soon there will be an MBC Writing Project website. Right now we meet over at Google+ where we’ve been posting samples of articles. Ask to be included in this community.



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